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Why Now?

By Dominic Landini, L.M.S.W.

Do you get home and the weight of everything just seems too much? Maybe you are struggling with your career or relationship. You might want to have more answers for parenting because nothing ever seems to work or just want to feel a bit more fulfilled. 

It can be difficult to even find a moment of time for yourself so you may be thinking…WHY NOW? 

No Time Like the Present:

We all know how busy you are. We see you working hard, taking care of your kids and investing in yourself/family. Therapy is also an investment. It can be easy to tell yourself “I will wait for the right time or even until I am ready”. The reality is- there is no time like the present. The quicker you get onto your journey of therapy, the quicker you create change or gain an understanding. 

Small to Large Changes: 

Adults come into the practice seeking different levels of support. If an adult thinks “is this enough of a reason to go to therapy?” The answer is YES! There are many motives for an adult to attend therapy- anxiety, trauma, relationship support, parenting techniques, fulfillment, thriving in your career and even just to understand yourself better; therapy can help! No matter how small or large you feel the reason for seeking therapy, there will be changes!

Will I Even Make Change:

Feeling stuck can be one of the worst feelings- it is paralyzing when nothing you do leads to a change. You may catch yourself in negative self-talk (“I have already tried everything” or “none of this will change anyways”). Getting another perspective can make a world of difference. Telling your story to a trained professional who is an expert  in mental health and research based techniques can be that perspective you are seeking. One word, a small change, understanding, or even just being heard can make a difference in getting to where you want to be. 

If anything in this article has spoken to you about yourself or a loved one please reach out and seek that change you have always wanted. You have the tool box now let’s add some tools!

We will be here ready and waiting!

If you feel like you or somebody you care about is in need of additional support, CFSC is here for you. Please call us at 248-851-5437to get started with supportive services.