CFSC Approach

The Child and Family Solutions Center Approach

We understand that going to see a therapist can be a very difficult decision. We are committed to ensuring our clients are treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Initially, we work with the the client to gain an understanding of their concerns. From there, we create and implement a  treatment plan geared to the client (or families) goals. We actively and continuously seek feedback to make sure that our clients are getting their needs met. Research has consistently demonstrated that the quality of the relationship between a therapist and their client is at the core of whether therapy will be successful. Using our skills and experiences, we work to create a safe and trusting environment to meet your goals.

We use a strength-based approach in working with our clients. Often, we build upon these strengths to create interventions that will help. We utilize evidenced based treatments whenever possible. This means the approaches we use are well researched and found to be helpful in addressing the presenting challenges. Our team continues to receive training and professional development as we believe that as therapists we are never done learning.

When we work with children and teens, we believe that parents are the expert.  We believe parental involvement is a critical component of the treatment. Our approach is to create a “team environment” that includes the child, family, school (when necessary), physician, and therapist to provide the optimal level of support to address whatever problems the child is experiencing. Since the child is the most important person in this effort, he or she becomes the “captain” of this team. We will always address your child respectfully and in a developmentally appropriate manor.

We know and appreciate that you are entrusting us with you or a family member’s care.  We will do everything we can to make our work together a helpful and enriching experience.

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