Is your child bright and intense? Do you wonder how someone so smart lacks common sense or is doing so poorly at school? Do you need help with meeting your child’s social, emotional or intellectual needs?

Some Common Characteristics of Gifted and/or Twice Exceptional People include:

  • Intense feelings
  • Fears/anxiety/guilt
  • Argumentativeness; Strong sense of justice
  • Perfectionistic/ need for precision/says “actually” often
  • Not motivated by extrinsic rewards
  • Highly sensitive
  • Complex vocabulary; love of word play
  • Asynchronous development
  • Prefer adult company or intellectual peers

Gifted individuals are frequently misunderstood by others or by themselves, leading to emotional discomfort or behavioral challenges. Child and Family Solutions Center is proud to have therapists who understand the unique needs of this population. We offer guidance and support to children, teens, adults, parents and families to help develop effective strategies for navigating the unique needs of gifted and twice exceptional individuals.

Services include parent consultations, individual and family therapy, and parent support groups. We also offer school advocacy to help ensure gifted student’s academic and social/emotional needs are met at school.

If you know or suspect you or your child may be gifted and want to learn more, our team is ready to help. Please call 248-851-5437 or text 248-871-7622.

If you are ready to make a change for the better: