Parent Consultation and Support

Parent Consultation Support

Are you feeling unsure about your parenting approach?  Need guidance in getting the necessary help for your child in school? Searching for other parents who get it and our non-judgmental? 

The Child and Family Solutions Center offers many services to support parents who are doing what many consider life’s most difficult (and fulfilling) job. Whether you need somebody to work with you on what to say to your child, looking to understand how to advocate for your child in school, or looking for support groups, we are here to help.

Parent Consultation:

Parent consultation is where you sit down for an extended session or series of sessions with one of our expert child and adolescent therapists. You discuss you concerns with us and we work with you to provide practical recommendations and ensure you successfully meet the challenges you are looking to address. From developing behavior plans and behavior management approaches, to learning to communicate more effectively to helping you become a more effective parent, our staff has decades of experience  in helping support parents and families.

School Advocacy:

It takes a village to raise children and often collaboration with the school is a very necessary component to helping a child succeed. Our therapists are highly experienced and effective, some with backgrounds working in the schools, in helping develop school based interventions and advocating for resources such as school evaluations, Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) and Section 504 plans.

Parent Support Groups: 

The Child and Family Solutions Center team often offers parenting support groups where parents can learn and share their challenges in an accepting and warm environment. Topics include strong willed children, anxiety, and gifted children.  Parents who attend  report finding these forums helpful as a  great support and/or strengthening their ability to meet their child or teen’s treatment goals.

If you feel you need extra parenting support or guidance, we are ready to help! Call (248) 851-5437 or text (248) 871-7622. to schedule an appointment or for a free phone consultation.