School Advocacy

School Advocacy

Are you getting frequent calls or emails from your child’s school with concerns about their behavior or school performance? Is your child constantly unhappy and complaining about school? Are you trying your best to help but things are not getting any better?

Children and teens spend over thirty hours a week at school. School should be a place where children can learn and develop in a safe, accepting and understanding environment. When your child is struggling in school, behavior problems are often a great clue. Our team of child and adolescent specialists have extensive experience working in and with schools in our community. We can help you identify where, when and why the challenges arise and develop a plan of action that can make a difference.

School advocacy services we provide that can help:

  • Guidance through the 504 and Individual Education Plan (IEP) process including developing a plan
  • Phone calls to teachers and school counselors to obtain useful information for interventions
  • School observations of child in their natural environment
  • Help in educating the school on child’s special needs and with creation of interventions and supports.
  • Advocacy to have child receive a free school evaluation
  • Creation of behavioral modification plan with school
  • Implementation of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approaches with school
  • Referrals to exceptional community resources when private evaluation is indicated
School Advocacy

Even with the best therapy and care for your child, school based advocacy and support is often critical in supporting goals and making progress. The Child and Family Solution Center team of therapists is comfortable and skilled in working with your child’s school as an advocate to create an effective team that can meet their needs.

If you would more information on how we can help guide you in supporting your child with school advocacy, please call (248) 851-5437 or text (248) 871-7622.

If you are ready to make a change for the better: