CFSC Offers In Person And Video Teletherapy Sessions

CFSC is proud that all of our talented therapists are able to offer Teletherapy.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is a way of conducting therapy that has been growing and becoming more popular in recent years. Using HIPAA compliant and secure technology, a therapy session can be conducted via video on your computer, smart phone or tablet and even over the phone. Teletherapy is well received by many due to the convenience and how it has been shown to be as effective as in person therapy. During this time of social distancing, teletherapy has allowed our practice to continue to support our community.

Is Teletherapy covered by my insurance?

Most insurances, including most Blue Cross plans, will cover and treat teletherapy sessions in the same way as if you were in our office. Our office will work with you to verify your benefits and confirm if there are any out of pocket costs.

Is Teletherapy effective for children?

We are successfully using teletherapy to support families with children of all ages. Similar to in-person visits, parents are typically more involved in the session with younger children. We continue to be amazed at how adept our child and teen clients have been at working with us using technology. Our therapists partner with you to work on developing an approach that will be productive, flexible and help achieve the treatment goals. During this Covid crisis, we have seen an increase in parents seekng out our consultation services to help navigate family adjustments.

How do we maintain confidentiality?

We will work with you to identify and time and location within your home or office that will allow for privacy. We will also help you with the technology to make it easy.

What if I’m not so good with technology?

Our team is very patient (we are therapists) in helping you understand how to get the technology working. We can even do a trial run. We do have some patients who prefer to do a telephone session. This can work too.

If you are ready to make a change for the better: