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Creating Balance Within a Working Home

By Tanya Petcoff, M.A. Creating Balance Within a Working Home Speaking as a working parent, sometimes the hardest thing is finding time for myself and now with the coronavirus pandemic…
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Parents don't want to instill fear in kids from mass shooting discussions

Dr. Klein talks to Fox News about how to help parents deal with mass shootings

(FOX 2) – It’s a sensitive topic for many parents. “I want them to know that it’s happening but also don’t want them to be traumatized by the images,” said Leah Abel. So many parents are dealing with talking to their child or teen after two mass shootings – one in Texas, the other in Ohio that left innocent people dead and mom’s like Abel, of Bloomfield Hills, in tears.
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Does My Child Need Help?

Yes, I have a couch in my office. No, I don’t analyze your 4-year-old’s dreams. Yes, I have an office full of toys. No, seeing me does not mean your…
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Parent without distractions

We are living in very busy times falling in the age of instant communication and gratification. If we want to know the weather forecast, we jump online. If somebody needs…
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