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Parents don't want to instill fear in kids from mass shooting discussions

Dr. Klein talks to Fox News about how to help parents deal with mass shootings

At the Child & Family Solutions Center in Farmington Hills, Dr. Daniel Klein says consider your child’s age before starting a conversation about these two tragedies.

Klein says if the kids are very young, keep them away from violent images.

“Preschool age, early elementary school kids, we want to listen to what they might be hearing – but very little we need to talk with them about,” Klein said.

If your child is confronted by these images of violence on TV or social media, Klein says sit down with them – but more importantly listen.

“I would sit with them and ask them what type of things are you hearing in the news,” he said. “Ask them how they feel how they feel inside.”

FOX 2: “Why is that important?”

“It helps them have an outlet and not keep things bottled up,” he said.

As the parent- The key is to not instill fear in a young person by what you say. In fact, let them know what their school district, police and other officials are doing many things to keep them safe.

And be sure to let kids know that these tragic events are not the norm.

“(Remind them) most people do not become mass shooters, that these are extreme examples,” Klein said.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child who might be in need of professional services Dr. Klein says there are a number of resources to choose from.

“Talk to counselor, therapist, pediatrician,” Klein said. “And help them come to terms with something that does not make a lot of sense, that are hard to explain.”