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A Helpful Checklist To Practice Self Care

By Laura Johnson-Hughes


So much in life is out of our control

We do not always know why things happen the way they do

In times of uncertainty it can be difficult to decide next steps

Our doubts can change the path we are taking

Critical thoughts can consume us

We can get stuck

The directions given to us by airlines when flying tells us, if there is an emergency and the oxygen mask is deployed, breath for yourself and then give the oxygen to others. It is easy to forget to take care of yourself when being pulled in so many directions, especially when time, energy and support is limited.

When too sad, too mad, or too worried, consider trying a variety of ways to cope.  A gesture, a smile or a laugh can change the course of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This checklist has reminders of various ways to focus on self-care.  I hope something on this list gives you pause, positivity, and patience.

If you are stuck, know you are not alone and please reach out to someone that can help.

With all the best,

Laura Johnson-Hughes, LMSW

Laura Johnson-Hughes  is a staff therapist at Child and Family Solutions Center. She works with children, teens and adults. She is conducting teletherapy with her clients and is accepting new referrals. She can be reached at 248-851-5437 and