To Go To School… or … Not to go to School- Now that’s a good question…

By Lynn Ernst Margolis, L.M.S.W.


So much in our world today is uncertain. Our transformed realities, impacted not only our children, but parents. Former expectations and values no longer ring true. Conventional education, and all it provides for our children – may not be an option this fall. Most school districts continue to debate the overall benefits of providing education in person or virtually. Clearly, unexpected realities may get in the way in the best interests of our developing children.

One can only guess at the impact and stress that virtual school presents. In dealing with adolescents and children, opportunities arise that may help strengthen our children. Opportunities to manage escalating emotions to build personal power and reduce possible anxiety and increase agency. Teaching strategies to “soothe the nervous system, that is, use our body to calm down, and remind our body and mind of our strength. More specifically, mindful techniques, to empower children and parents.

Mindful techniques empower not only our children, adults experience substantial benefits as well. Parents, too, deal with the same sense of uncertainty. To think that parents, together with their children, can use mindful practices … to create regulated bodies, regulated emotions, and clear thinking! Parenting- not easy, becomes even more complicated in these uncertain times.

Whether the decision to send children back to school or virtual learning, opportunities for growth exist. Uncertainty may provide an opportunity to empower our children and parents through mindfulness. Some resources that may help create mindfulness include:; Brain Gym; Go and Mind Yeti, just to name a few.


Lynn Ernst Margolis, L.M.S.W. is a staff therapist at Child and Family Solutions Center. She works with children, teens, adults and families  She can be reached at 248-851-5437 and